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Katie Turner, PhD

Katie Turner holds a doctorate in Theology & Religious Studies from King’s College, London. She specializes in the clothing and material culture of Jewish people in the Greco-Roman world, and the representation of the New Testament on stage and screen. Her first book, Costuming Christ: Re-Dressing First-Century ‘Jews’ and ‘Christians’ in Passion Dramas is under contract with T&T Clark.

Katie is particularly interested in how the public engages with history, and has previously worked in education roles with the National Trust, Historic Royal Palaces, and the Science Museum London. She has acted as a historical consultant for clients such as Mattel, Inc. and Rockridge Press, and is an advisor and contributor for Urbs & Polis, a digital hub supporting the study of early Christianity within its Greco-Roman context. She is also a SACRE Bromley board member. 

For a brief moment, many years ago, Katie considered a career in the film industry and had the opportunity to work as a production assistant on a couple of short films, a couple of commercials (for EasyGlide and Pantene Pro-V), and on the feature film, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003). Although that career path was not meant to be, the experiences have helped inform her research ever since. 

You can find out more about Katie on her website, or give her a follow:

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Joe Scales, PhD

Joe Scales is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow and the University of Agder. He specializes in identity formation, textual production, and the archaeology of space. His first book, Galilean Spaces of Identity, is forthcoming with Brill. He holds a doctorate in Theology & Religion from the University of Birmingham and is an Early Career Research Associate at the Institute of Classical Studies (University of London).

Joe continues to do some research on the side of his non-academic job, mostly working on all things ancient Judaism. Having written for many audiences and in a variety of formats, he is particularly interested in sharing knowledge about the ancient world with everyone. Previous outputs include academic journal articles and reviews, YouTube video scripts, online database entries, podcast and video interviews with researchers, and the occasional Twitter post. 

Joe loves a good film, and a fair few bad ones, and is finding that there's a whole lot more to learn about how stories are told in visual media. In addition to GodMovPod, Joe also helps to produce a podcast about the ancient world called, Ancient Afterlives. You can find it on or wherever you get your podcasts.

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