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2 Nov 2022

Season 1 Trailer

Featuring the Hosts

Welcome to Gods & Moviemakers, a new show all about how religion and the bible (as well as myths, folklore and belief) shape the stories we tell on screen. Our inaugural season is all about "The Chosen One". Why were they chosen? Do they want to be chosen? And why are we so attracted to these sorts of stories? Listen and find out!


[Katie] Hi, I'm Katie Turner, PhD in the New Testament and its reception.

[Joe] And I'm Joe Scales, PhD in archaeology and Second Temple Judaism. Gods & Moviemakers is a new podcast hosted by us, all about how religion and the bible (as well as myths, folklore, and belief) shape the stories we tell on screen. 


[Katie] Does this mean we think all movies have been directly influenced by religion or the bible? 

[Joe] Of course not. We’ll be talking about movies intertextually. Intertextuality recognizes the way all texts, including film, engage in a conversation with that which came before: intentionally or not!

[Katie] It also notes the way that we, as the audience, may read things into the movies we watch based on our own knowledge, identity, and culture. The film audience doesn’t passively watch a movie, but rather, actively engages in creating its meaning. 


[Joe] So we may see commentary on Exodus or a retelling of the Odyssey even in films where this was not the deliberate intention of the director or screenwriter.


[Katie] In each of our episodes we’ll be joined by an expert guest to break down what we can learn about religion, the Bible, myth, belief, history and culture from the movies we watch. 

[Joe] And also how all that stuff can help us see new themes and ideas in our favourite films!


[Joe] Our inaugural season is all about ‘the Chosen One’. To help us understand who the chosen one is, why they were chosen, and why we’re so attracted to these sorts of stories, we’ll be joined by amazing experts, such as...

[Each name is spoken by the person named] Michelle Fletcher, King-Ho Leung, Marian Kelsey, Matt Page, Katherine Gwyther

[Joe] to talk about...

The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring, Dune, The Matrix, The Terminator, The Passion of Joan of Arc, The Last Temptation of Christ

[Joe] and more!


[Katie] You can listen to Gods & Moviemakers on Acast or wherever you get your podcasts, and you can follow us @GodMovPod on Twitter and Instagram.

[Joe] For more information, visit our website where you can subscribe and even donate if you're so inclined.

[Katie] Thanks for listening!

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